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Here's What Filipinas are Saying About Kérastase

Looking for a new personalized hair and scalp care routine? See what these Filipinas have to say about the Kérastase Rituals and try it for yourself!

There is a certain pride in keeping your hair soft and scalp healthy. In order to achieve this, a hair and scalp care routine is a must to ensure that your crowning glory stays as gorgeous as ever. Before you build a ritual, you first have to search for the right professional hair care products to help you start your hair and scalp care journey.

Kérastase offers an extensive line of luxury hair and scalp care products that can resolve every Filipina's concerns. Find out what some think about the Kérastase treatment and how it helps them with their hair and scalp woes.

Kryz Uy YouTube 01

Kryz Uy, a Cebu-based content creator, is known for her life, style, and travel videos on YouTube, where she now has over 900K followers. In one of her most recent videos, Kryz shares how she takes care of herself before their Baby #2 comes out. Besides doing skin care, she stresses on the importance of having a hair care routine—with the Kérastase Genesis Serum at the forefront!

“I really feel like when I apply this to my hair, I'm being so good to myself, I'm really taking care of myself. [...] Hair care is just as important as skin care.”

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YouTube 03 Kryz

With a job that requires her to be on camera, Kryz's hair often gets colored and heat-styled for various occasions. But despite it all, she's achieved luscious and frizz-free hair, thanks to the products in the Kérastase Discipline line.

"I've never been able to air dry my hair without it poofing up like a ball
until I met the Kérastase Discipline line. It's actually really amazing!"

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Vanessa Matsunaga


"I've been using the Genesis serum every night for months now, and I absolutely love it. It leaves the hair smelling so good, lush, and the hair fall under control."

Danie V


"The Genesis Scalp Serum from Kérastase helped break the fall and is now making my hair and scalp healthier and stronger. It's so easy to use, plus it smells so luxe!"

Michelle Gomez


"I found the Kérastase Genesis Serum. With just two weeks of use, I can definitely see the difference. There's much less hair in my brush and my pillow FINALLY!"

Project Vanity Reviews


Project Vanity 01


What’s worth investing in from the Kérastase Genesis Anti-Hairfall line


In this review blog, Project Vanity writer Katsy Faustino shares her experience with Kérastase Genesis line, specifically the conditioner, hair mask, serum, and blow-dry fluid. After two months of use, you can see visible results with more manageable and less frizzy locks. These Kérastase products helped nourish and strengthen her scalp, minimizing hair fall.


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Project Vanity Article 2

Trying out the Kérastase Discipline Fluidealiste Anti-Frizz Masque Hair Ritual on my grey, frizzy hair: Did it work?

With the Philippines' hot and humid weather, frizz is almost a part of every Filipina's hair problem. In Katsy's new review blog, she takes a deep dive into the Kérastase Discipline Anti-Frizz line and tests its promise of smooth, soft, frizz-free, and easily manageable hair. After using the Anti-Frizz Hair Ritual, which consists of the Fluidealiste Shampoo, Maskeratine Mask, and Keratin Thermique Blow-Dry Primershe, you can marvel over the instant and lasting smoothing results from the treatment.

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Start Your Hair and Scalp Transformation


Taking care of the hair and scalp is an important part of a self-care routine everyone should start. Kérastase offers professional luxury products with effective and lasting results to many Filipina hair and scalp concerns.

Ready to get started? Head on to Kérastase Philippines' online hair and scalp diagnosis tool to know your specific hair and scalp condition and get a personalized care routine to address your crowning glory's particular concerns. You can also check out the Kérastase shop for a list of more of our products and message us on Facebook for more information on how Kérastase can get you started on your hair and scalp transformation.