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Discover Kérastase Exclusive Salon Treatments

Kerastase's salon signature rituals is now available in the Philippines!

Find a salon near you and indulge yourselves with luxurious treatments where you can experience the ultimate hair pampering experience that's tailored to meet the unique needs of Filipina hair.

Elevate your hair care routine, because you deserve nothing but the best. Explore the wonder of Kerastase and let your Filipina hair shine with resplendent beauty.

Anti-dandruff Treatment


This intensive anti-dandruff treatment program helps to remove oily and dry dandruff flakes. It restores the visible quality and suppleness of the scalp, while protecting against oxidative stress, reducing the appearance of visible flakes up to 4 weeks after the treatment is stopped.


Scalp Soothing Treatment


This intensive scalp treatment program restores the quality and suppleness of the scalp by reducing all type of scalp discomforts such itchiness, irritation and inflammation. It soothes the scalp by hydrating and moisturizing the scalp all while protecting against oxidative stress. Scalp discomfort is eliminated, and itchiness disappears for a comfortable and relaxed lasting sensation.


Anti-hairloss Treatment


This intensive anti-hair loss treatment program stops premature follicle aging by stimulating the scalp to regenerate hair metabolism. Formulated with Aminexil, this advanced cure helps maintain hair density, improves tissue health to make hair more resilient, and protects scalp from oxidative stress to restore the quality and suppleness of the scalp.


Visit an official partner salon near you for a complimentary personalized hair and scalp diagnosis. Ask a hairdresser about the signature Kérastase salon treatments and book an appointment. You can also stop by anytime to browse and shop the complete Kérastase range.​


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