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Kérastase Genesis | A New-Age Hair Fall Solution For Hair Breakage

Kerastase's Genesis is a powerful hair-fall fortifying haircare system that addresses hair fall due to breakage. The hair fall solution for the new generation.

Meet Genesis, our dual anti hair-fall fortifying haircare system. Nearly 88%^ of women experience it:
hair fall from frequent brushing, blow-dry heat, and over styling. Finally, Kérastase is addressing
this all-too-common problem with a hair fall solution for a new generation. With Genesis,
a powerful haircare range that addresses hair fall due to breakage,
your days of seeing hair on your brush are finally over.

Kérastase - 84% Less Hair-Fall* with GENESIS

*Hair-fall due to breakage. Instrumental test - Shampoo + Masque + leave on (Sérum / Ampoules Cure) vs. Non-conditioning Shampoo.

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Kérastase - Hair-fall from the roots
Hair-fall from the roots
Biological factors such as emotional stress, hormonal changes, nutritional habits and evironmental lifestyle choices affect the hair at the root. The bulb becomes progessively detached from the scalp and hair fall out in the shower, on your pillow or while brushing.
Kérastase - Hair-fall from breakage
Hair-fall from breakage
External factors and daily stressors such as heat-styling and environmental pollution can cause the fibre to weaken. Hair breaks off in the middle, creating thinner, weaker hair overall. With breakage, the hair is still growing from the bulb, but daily exposure to external aggressors can trigger inflammation at the follicle as well.



Genesis Dry Weakened Hair Deep Treatment Hair Care Set

For normal to dry, weakened hair that is prone to falling due to breakage.

Genesis Oily Weakened Hair Deep Treatment Hair Care Set

For normal to oily, weakened hair that is prone to falling due to breakage from brushing.

Genesis Dry Weakened Hair Care Set

For normal to dry, weakened hair that is prone to falling due to breakage from brushing.

Kérastase - Hold onto your hair
Hold onto your hair
What you are searching for is a beauty remedy - something with pleasing textures and fragrances, everything you’ve come to expect from your previous hair products combined with efficiency of hair-fall product.
Kérastase - A hair-fall solution for a new generation
A hair-fall solution for a new generation
You want to solve hair-fall with a luxurious, sophisticated, holistic, sciencebacked system. Kérastase listened to your concerns and responded with a modern solution to a modern problem.



Work, play, rinse, repeat.
Genesis is the perfect partner for your fast-paced lifestyle and thanks to the unique dual approach you will achieve.

84% less hair-fall*
More fibre strength*

Never be afraid of falling.


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